50 Things About Him

First and foremost J is the love of my life...the half that makes me whole.
But here's a bit of information about him...
  1. He was born and raised in Detroit
  2. He loves the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Lions
  3. He has a very weird obsession with the Detroit Red Wings
  4. His parents are still happily married 53 years later
  5. He has 1 brother and 4 sisters that he grew up with and he has 2 biological sisters that he met when he was 21
  6. He is an OS1 in the U.S. Navy
  7. He joined the Navy less than a month after his 18th birthday
  8. You could put mushrooms into almost any food and he would think it made it better
  9. He hates onions but loves onion rings
  10. He LOVES scary movies but the Strangers and Paranormal Activity messed with him
  11. In the summer he could live outdoors but inside he hates to be hot
  12. He looks like he could rip your head off but he is a big Teddy Bear
  13. He loves books by Tom Clancy
  14. There is not a cologne on this planet that smells bad on him
  15. He loves Harley Davidson
  16. He owns a motorcycle
  17. He hates bowling
  18. He loves shooting pool
  19. He injured his head so many times as a child that his parents worried it would cause permanent damage
  20. He knows most Latin dances from when he lived in Puerto Rico
  21. He served in Iraq
  22. His first ship was stationed in Japan, what will most likely be his last ship is stationed in Japan
  23. He's lived in Michigan, Virginia, Puerto Rico, and Japan
  24. He's visited so many places he's lost count of them all
  25. He hates his butt, I love it
  26. He loves thunder storms...he will stand out on the front porch and watch them
  27. We are living in the first home he has ever owned
  28. His favorite holiday is Halloween
  29. He is very good at fixing cars
  30. He likes his steak so it might moo
  31. He is good at almost electrocuting himself
  32. He can weld
  33. He was valedictorian of his high school class
  34. He has 7 tattoos (and has plans for an 8th)
  35. His Dad is his idol
  36. He can iron clothes better than I can
  37. He loves Ford Mustangs
  38. He has a great smile but you rarely see it
  39. He's a jokester
  40. He has a weird since of humor
  41. He loves dogs and tolerates cats
  42. He loves kids
  43. He says "right" a lot
  44. He is good at fixing things around the house
  45. He alphabetizes our spices
  46. He loves Bud Light and Jager shots
  47. He regrets not going to college but doesn't regret joining the Navy
  48. He still owes me a back rub from when we started dating (he offered it to whoo me over)
  49. He loves Star Wars legos
  50. He loves God, His Country, His family, and His friends with a fierce loyalty