Wednesday, February 22, 2012

8K Training

So I have a small problem in less than a month I'm walking an 8K. I really haven't done much training for it because my knee has been so sore. Now that I'm cleared I'm trying to get ready for it but I admit I'm nervous. I know that I have two hours to walk it so I'm not worried about not finishing but I'm a bit worried about my friend who's doing it with me getting held back. So I'm trying to increase my endurance and my speed. Wish me luck.

Because it is a themed walk we are trying to decide what to wear to honor St. Pat's. Since we will be walking/jogging we don't want to wear anything too crazy but something fun would be good. So we're looking around the area at local party shops and online for inspiration. Should be fun!!


Rebecca Jo said...

You can do it!!! I think the energy of an event pushes you about 25% so just work up to 75% & you'll be just fine ;)