Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick Fix

When it comes to weight loss a quick fix would be nice. But it is unrealistic. I've struggled with my weight for years and I admit with J being gone and my parents divorce I've struggled more with emotional eating than I thought I would.

At some point I honestly believe I've stalled my metabolism. So I decided to try the B-Complex shots and a
"Quick Fix" 2 Week Plan to jump start your weight loss. It consists of a weekly B-Complex shot, a weekly Consultation, and your meals for two weeks are three shakes a day and a regular meal. Seems easy enough right?

Well here's the problem I love the B-Complex shots but I can't drink the shakes. I think the chocolate ones are horrible. The vanilla ones I actually like but they both have aspartame in them and aspartame causes migraines for me. But in addition to not really liking them I've determined I like food and I would rather eat healthy meals than drink my meals.

I guess I should have known better with the name "Quick Fix" it wasn't going to be the best solution to my weight loss. But I think that is the thing about weight loss we're always looking for the next best option.

Currently as I sit at my desk I have the following books next to me...

Choose to Lose by Chris Powell (Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition)

Don't Quit Get Fit by Vicki Heath (Assoc. Director, First Place 4 Health)

Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor

All is Forgiven, Move On by Janice Taylor

Give God a Year, Change Your Life Forever by Carole Lewis

Notice a trend? To be fair I'm reading these for the Bible study I'm leading on Thursday nights about weight loss but still that is five books about losing weight or getting healthy. It is crazy to me how many resources are out there for losing weight and yet so many of us still struggle with weight loss. I guess that's because there really isn't a "quick fix" for losing weight.


Gwen said...

Okay. Since you're already reading all those books you should add one from Dr. Ian Smith to that list. My sister read his Extreme Fat Smash Diet and followed it religiously. She lost a bunch of weight and was able to keep it off by slowly modifying the plan. She's back to it after her third baby but if you prefer to follow preset meals I think it's a great one. I can't have someone telling me what to do so I prefer Weight Watchers myself and highly recommend it to anyone that wants flexibility. :D

Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

That sounds like a great group! Is it open? If so, would you mind telling me where it is? (Through email if that makes you more comfortable.)