Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's All Go to the Movies

From a young age I loved going to the movies. I remember when theaters still had a curtain that opened to expose the screen. Now as an adult although I'm floored at the prices I still love to go to the movies. I'm looking forward to some coming this Spring.

The Vow
I know this movie will make me cry but I love these two actors so I'll go see it anyway. I'm hoping it lives up to the previews.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence
I am a bit of a Comic Book geek. I'm ok with this. I loved the Ghost Rider comic book so I'm excited that there is another Ghost Rider movie.

Journey 2: The Mysterious  Island
I know this will be slightly cheesy but it has The Rock and it just looks like it will be a fun movie. So I'll take a look at this one.

This Means War
I think this movie looks hilarious. And I adore the actors in this movie too. I like it because it doesn't look like it will require much thought and it will have a decent story.

Act of Valor
Come on the preview leaves me a mess but I'm still going to see it. I mean it's about Navy Seals and I'm a sucker for military movies. I know it will be a tear jerker for me though.

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds
At first I wasn't so sure because I'm not a fan of all of Tyler Perry's movies but this looks like one of his good ones. I think it will be a movie that makes you think about where you are in life and how you got there.

The Lorax
This is just a win-win! I love the Lorax book from childhood and the people who did Despicable Me are doing this movie and I loved that movie so I think this will be great!!

Mirror Mirror
Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen how can I resist. I admit Once Upon a Time and Grimm have renewed my love of Fairy Tales so this is right up my ally. Plus two of the people from Pit Boss are in it. Does it get better?

The Avengers
The ultimate in Comic Book geekiness. A collaboration of comic book characters in one movie. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, etc all in one movie. This should be great!

What are you looking forward to movie wise?