Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Care Packages

So I'm currently working on a care package for the hubby. I'll admit sometimes its tough to come up with ideas. I know what he likes but I have to be aware of what will travel well, what fits in the box, what will fit on the ship, and it can't be anything too crazy. I admit I shop at a lot for his care packages. That along with Sour Patch Kids, Starbucks Via, and shower stuff are popular fillers for his box. Here are some of my recent items...

The Hulk
It's a little cheezy but it's cute. As a child he LOVED the Hulk. One Halloween when he was 5 or 6 he had his Mom cover him in green body paint and cut off his shorts so he could go as Hulk. It took forever to scrub off the green paint and he nearly froze (Michigan in October) but he loved it.

Grenade Stress Ball
He talks about stress a lot so this seemed appropriate. My only concern was would it be bad because of its shape. I think he'll be fine because it looks so incredibly fake.

Doomed Crystal Shot Glass
He loves skulls and he loves shots this just seemed perfect. It's really quite cool looking. I'm sure it will look great with Jager in it.

And of course I couldn't just shop for him so I got myself something too...a new door stop for work.
Foot in the Door

So what are some things you put in their care packages?