Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 10 Celebrity Crushes

My husband and I joke about celebrity crushes all the time. He and I both agree they are harmless and fun. We haven't done like Ross and Rachel and made a laminated list or anything. Basically we acknowledge they exist and move on. So here are my top 10...(in no particular order)

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello - When I first saw him on True Blood I didn't think much of it. Then I got a closer look...yeah umm be honest ladies how could you not have a crush. Plus in interviews he always seems so nice.
John Corbett
John Corbett - I first saw him in Northern Exposure and fell in love with his goofy and hippy-type character. When he appeared on Sex in the City I adored him. I never understood how she could cheat on him with Big.
Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck - I admit this is an old school crush. I've adored Tom Selleck since I first saw him on Magnum P.I., I thought the show was great, the fact that it took place in Hawaii didn't hurt, and he was adorable. And he has truly gotten better with age...I love him on Blue Bloods.
Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore - Seriously there's not much to say here...I'm a sucker for strong arms (reason # 476 why I married my husband) and Shemar's are stunning. I love his character on Criminal Minds. He was good in Diary of a Mad Black Woman too.

Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer - aka Neil Caffrey on White Collar. There is something about a well dressed man that just makes them sexier. And I realize it's just a character but he is so charming on that show. 

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. - the bad boy himself...well he's cleaned up his act as far as I know and I love him as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. His smirks and quirks make him charming and handsome.

Terrance Howard
Terrance Howard - Those eyes...they get me every time. He is such a great actor! I saw him recently in Red Tales and he was wonderful! Another role I loved him in was Iron Man...the humdrum v line makes me laugh every time.

Alex O'Loughlin
Alex O'Loughlin - When he first appeared in Moonlight I thought that was the perfect role for him. Then he appeared in Hawaii 5-0 and that is the perfect role for him. He is a great actor and I love the personality he projects in his characters.

John Cusack
John Cusack - He is the awkwardly lovable underdog. I first saw him in Say Anything and that was the guy I wanted...the guy who wanted to spend time with me and would do grand romantic gestures. I have enjoyed almost all of his movies. To me I think he falls more into the cute side than the hot side but he's a crush none the less.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale - I admit she is my girl crush. I think she is an amazing actress and absolutely adorable. My favorite movie of hers in Van Helsing she was such a bad*#* chick in that movie. And I think she has a great range as an actress.


Mrs. Duh said...

Alcide from True Blood is one of the most attractive men ever to have lived! Excellent choice!