Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is Not Good aka Knee Issues

So my knee is not quite there (the picture) but it has been having issues. I'm trying to get ready for the 8K in March so I'm not happy about this at all. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to discuss my options. Mainly it has just been tender nothing too serious but enough that I'm cautious with it.

My struggle with my knee (my right one) began in 5th grade. We were playing kickball with a really big rubber ball and I was running to first base when someone through it at me to get me out and somehow I tripped and ended up bending my knee the wrong direction. At the time the advice was elevate it, ice it and take some ibuprofen. So it was basically ignored. It never healed correctly and I've had issues with it since then. I was diagnosed with arthritis in it at the age of 15. I've injured it playing softball, running, and once when my 60lb pit bull ran into it with his head. At the time of my last injury they did an MRI and told me that my knee cap was in the wrong place so they put a J-Brace on it and sent me to physical therapy. It helped some and for a bit it's been doing good.

Until now...I will admit I'm frustrated with it because I want to exercise for health, weight loss and to prep for my 8K but it is too tender. And it is a double edged sword because I know that exercise will strengthen it and weigh loss will help it so I'm frustrated. I can't wait til Monday because at least maybe then I'll have an action plan.


Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

Ouch!!! Is it any better? Have you gone to medical?

If you end up being referred to PT, LMK if you need some recommendations. I've been to several different places on the Peninsula.