Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life After the Navy

My Hubby enjoying the freedom retirement brings!
Navy life had its ups and downs but it had a sense of normality for my husband and myself. As we have been transitioning out of active duty Navy life into the world of retirement there are some things that are the same...the process of getting an ID card is about the same, we have access to the base and all its perks, we still get many of the same discounts at places, my husband was recognized on Veteran's Day, and we still live a similar life. However, for my husband it is all 20 years he hasn't had to apply for a job, he hasn't had to write a resume, he hasn't had to figure out what to wear to work, he hasn't had as many options, and now he has lots of things he's having to do for the first time. It has been an interesting process for him. I on the other hand have really had to do a lot of sitting back and watching. I mean I can give him resume advice, I can help him with job searches, etc but I can't really relate to what he's going through. I've worked at my job for 14 years now so I can relate to doing something for a number of years but I can't relate to having to start over. 

The good news is there are a number of resources out there. The other good news is that many companies look at military service very highly. And his military skills, training, and experience transfer over to the civilian world pretty well. I mean some things don't of course but many of his experiences in the military relate to the civilian world. I'm relieved he is no longer in the Navy...I am very proud of the years of service he gave and the amazing things he did for his country but I'm happy to know I won't have to deal with deployments, training exercises, or duty days again. Most of all I'm relieved I don't have to worry about a knock on my door with two men in uniform at my door.

For all of you with spouses who are still serving in active duty THANK YOU!!! You are amazing people for what you do. Your spouse could not do what he or she does without your love and support and the security of knowing you are keeping the home steady and strong while they are gone. I applaud you and I wish you the best in your continued journey!!