Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes...

My Hubby
Having your spouse gone is a challenge whether it is for a week, a month, 6 months or a year. You have to take care of the house, the bills, the pets and/or children, yourself, and much more. On July 1st we hit the one year mark of when I put J back on the plane to go to Japan. Our first part of our deployment was 7 months that was long but because of going through that I figured a year wouldn't be too bad. And maybe it wouldn't have been too bad if I had gotten him back after a year but here we are at 13 1/2 months and I still don't have him back. Thanks to some scheduling issues it looks like I won't get him back for his last R&R until the beginning of next year sometime. The only good news is that means we won't have too long until he's home for good when he goes back.

But for now it is hitting me hard. Much harder than I anticipated. I find myself emotional...sometimes grumpy...sometimes envious...and impatient. I'm trying to work on my eating and my exercise because I know both help balance me. But I feel like I may need to do something else like go to a support group or go talk to a counselor or or something. It was a little easier for the past two weeks because he was in a port so we could talk on the phone and text some. But now he is back underway so we are back to sporadic emails. I know that each day that passes puts us closer to him coming home but still it is tough. I miss him...a lot!

This too shall pass and God is with me through it all but I'm ready for it to pass and to have my husband with me through it all.